EnochChillinI believe everyone has a book inside of themselves that needs to be written

Enoch is, at his foundation and core, a storyteller. Whether it is his Native American roots (he was born to the last of the Aztec tribes in El Salvador), his love of books and movies, or the fact he would dream of elaborate tales to tell people, Enoch somehow has grown to love stories.

Ultimately I think it’s the growth characters have that keeps me intrigued. Positive or negative, how a person can change who they are is the incredible potential and gift we all have. If we could only live up to that potential …

5 Simple Things to Do to Land the Job You Love5 Simple Things …

So when Enoch was told by a friend that his presentations he gave would be great books he sat down and started to outline how he could help people achieve their potential as best as he could. So the “5 Simple Things …” concept and idea was born.

We crave order. We crave patterns. 5 is a great number because of the ease of use for both. And if I can create a simple system to help people remember what to do to improve their lives … That works for the best in my book!

Each “5 Simple Things …. “ book is built upon a single premise: Simple Does Not Mean Easy. With each chapter the reader gets principles and concepts, but also valuable exercises to help build confidence in each step. The reader has the ability to grow in the concepts and use what they learn to help improve their situation.

The story really is about us: How we improve (positive or negative); What we can achieve; and ultimately how we can grow towards our potential

And with each new writing Enoch is helping lives improve. Click here to see his complete works in publication and in progress.