EnochPresentingI love teaching. There is that moment when a person’s eyes go wide and you know they just had an insight … there is no better feeling

Enoch’s love of presenting started when, at 5 years old, he was asked to present on his experience of becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States. Since then he has spoken to thousands of people sharing experiences, building inspiration and helping people improve who they are.

I was told by a friend and mentor to be an effective speaker you need to inspire three things: the Head, the Hand and the Heart

Each presentation Enoch gives has 3 key elements: Philosophy (to inspire the mind), Positive Outcomes (to inspire the mind to action) and Structured Tools (to help implement the actions). This way each person who attends a presentation given by Enoch walks away with ideas flowing but also ways to implement those ideas.

It’s more important to have an inspired person be able to implement something powerful than just to have a person be inspired. Inspiration and motivation fades quicker without something to keep you on task

Enoch, who is one of the most sought out speakers in Utah Valley, has various topics he speaks about including, but not limited to:

Employment Topics Marketing Topics
3 Things Every Employer Want to Know About You
Most of the time we don’t get the employment we want not because we’re not qualified, but because we do not fully understand what employers are really looking for. This presentation showcases the three things Every Employer is really looking for and how you can impress every employer you meet. 
A Beginner’s Guide to Powerful Networking
When we start growing our network many of us have a horrible time presenting ourselves properly. We stumble, make poor impressions and do horrible follow up. This presentation is designed to help people get into networking more effectively and leave a meaningful impression to people who we find important.
Creating Your Professional Brand
All too often during the employment process (or employment downgrade process) we forget our professional identities. More often than not we display the wrong identity and leave important meetings unimpressive. This presentation is designed to help those looking for employment identify powerful personal traits that can be used to impress anyone you come across instead of timidly showcasing your worth.
Improving Website Conversions
Websites are powerful tools to help build business but with the ever changing world of SEO, Pay-Per-Click and other growth tools is your website truly converting customers. This presentation is designed to show simple tactics any website owner can employ to increase conversions, not just impressions.
Unlocking the Power of LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a powerful professional networking tool. However, most people fail to understand the full potential of how to use the system to get the most out for their needs. This presentation (in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced versions) is designed to help users better understand philosophies, tricks and presentations to use this great networking tool to their full advantage.
Why Social Media Doesn’t Work (and How It Can)
With Social Media outlets popping up across the internet the question is constantly posed, Can I use this technology to grow my business? The answer is YES, but the how may completely surprise you. This presentation is designed to show business owners why just “being” on Social Media doesn’t work, but how to build a community around social media can increase your revenues without adding too much work.



As well as hundreds of other topics that can be tailored and suited to your situation. For more information about having Enoch present contact

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