I have yet to find two problems that are exactly the same … or completely different

Enoch loves working with various sizes of business. Since working as a contractor/consultant he has worked with many large companies including Novell, Synergy Worldwide, Agel, and Henry Schein. His projects have gone as deep as building commission payout systems for Direct Marketing companies to integrating solution centers across the world. His favorite type of project to work on is the self-governing system where the end user has all the tools to maintain the system and minimal development is ever needed for ongoing maintenance.

You should have the power to control your own needs and not be tethered to a development team to do what you need. I should only really be called in to develop new features and functionality

Software, Marketing or Process Optimization projects are all done by incorporating three important ideas:

  1. Defining and Controlling Outcomes
  2. Creating Effective and Exciting Milestones
  3. Review and Analyze Data to explore next desired results

We want to finish as quick as we can so our clients do not feel like they depend on us. They ask us to return because they want us to return not because they need us to return.

If you have a need that would like to be evaluated by the Get Enoch team feel free to contact us with your questions.