cropped-enoch-headshot2My greatest gift I can give is the ability to show someone how amazing they can be

Sometimes all you need to get ahead in your employment, business or life is someone to guide you. Planning, Focus and Accountability is what makes any advisor great, and Enoch showcases his greatness every day. He has helped hundreds of people find better employment, business success and personal growth by laying down a system that includes:

  1. Envisioning realistic goals
  2. Crafting Accountability and Responsibility Needs and Desires
  3. Celebrating Effective Milestones

It is important to revel in the work we accomplished while looking forward to the possibility of what is to come

Picture 114As a personal advisor Enoch looks at what has been accomplished and what your resources are to create a personal plan. One of his personal philosophies is the power of “10 minute actions.” Each action comprises of a personal activity that takes only 10 minutes to accomplish, but when chained together each day creates a powerful outcome at the end of each week. It’s amazing how much 10 minutes a day, consistently, can create an amazing change for the best.

There are those who need a pat on the back while others of us need a strong push to move forward. It is my job to figure out what that is every time I work with a client … it’s their job to keep being awesome

Enoch gets asked frequently to help advise different organizations with problems or situations to help them improve. He has actively been part of the American Red Cross, The Rotary Club, Marketing Success Institute, Stevens-Henager College, and other organizations. Whether it be for an hour, a day or longer, Enoch takes his job of advisor very seriously. he loves seeing people become the best they can be.

If you would like to work with Enoch in an Advisor capacity it is as simple as contacting for an appointment. His regular fees are:

  • $90 for 30 minutes
  • $150 for 1 hour
  • $500 for 4 hours
  • $850 for a full day

However, each situation is different and negotiations are able to be had.