Enoch3For many years Enoch had on his LinkedIn Profile, “Born of Fire and Flames, Enoch (or “The Enoch”) came into the world with the sound of trumpets and heavenly choirs.” It was with this type of energy and creativity Enoch uses to tackle the issues his clients present. Whether it be large clients like Novell, ModusLink or Henry Schein, or his individual one-on-one mentoring clients, Enoch takes his vast experience in Software Design, Process Optimization, Marketing and Music and crafts tools to improve people’s lives.

Born in El Salvador, Enoch was adopted as an infant to a wonderful family in New Hampshire. His out-of-world transplant experience helped shaped his way of seeing the possibilities of the world.


I wouldn’t have been able to see the best of people if those around me hadn’t shown me the possibilities of who I could become despite the limitations I put on myself

398432_10150618577386679_1224044534_nIt is this keen eye for the unknown, desire to understand, and ability to outline a path to success that has allowed Enoch to become a sought after business consultant in the Utah Valley area. Whether it be helping craft a successful marketing campaign to developing automated processes, Enoch lives by one overarching philosophy:

Leave wherever you are better than when you found it

Find out how he does that by diving a little deeper into who he is:

The Writer The Speaker The Consultant
The Advisor The Friend