Enoch Chapman started his career typing out computer code and keeping up to date on the latest technology. Whether it was gadgets, development languages or websites, Enoch learned all he could about how to use the latest in greatest in modern tech. It was because of this knowledge he was asked to train job candidates to useĀ LinkedIn.com to help discover meaningful employment.

It is amazing how people wanted to use technology, but didn’t understand the first thing about marketing themselves. I spent more time talking about professional branding than talking about the website.

Taking his marketing expertise, Enoch crafted a four week course to help candidates better understand their own “Professional Branding” and the rest is history. After helping 1000s of people discover what is great about themselves and teaching them how to showcase their greatness, he decided to write a book.

My hope is this book will help people find that they are amazing; that they are incredible; and ultimately find employment that showcases those traits everyday.