The Imperfect Perfection of You

The Imperfect Perfection of You

I sent out an email through my email contact system and realized I had a problem: An attendee at one of my recent events (who happens to be a technical writer) mentioned how much he enjoyed what I had to say, but that my grammar and spelling mistakes lessen the impact of my authority. I […]

Making a Memorable First Impression when Networking

So a story got relayed to me by my friend Sam Baugh from the Provo LDS Employment Resource Center about a piece of advice I gave about networking. I talk a lot about networking with people at Employment Centers around Utah so to hear that someone used what I had to say and had a […]

How Employers Hire New Candidates

In last weeks post I talked about How People Buy Stuff. This process is incredibly important when thinking about how potential employers look at candidates for a new position. While we may like to think about the hiring process being a different process than how we buy a soda, at the root of it all […]

3 Questions for Every Unemployed Person to Answer

I love talking with people about finding work. Mainly because of the skewed perspective we have about ourselves when it comes to looking for opportunities. We tend to view our sense of worth on the opportunities we can find instead of what truly matters. But truthfully … it’s all about the impression we make. You […]